Add-on Services

Headlight Restoration - from $55

Includes restoration of both headlights. This service increases nighttime visibility and the overall appearance of your vehicle. There is no need to drive around with cloudy, unsightly headlights, let us restore them to a crystal clear condition.

Leather Protection - from $45

Don't allow your leather interior to crack and dry out  due to oxidation and neglect. Routine maintenance will aide in keeping your leather in optimal condition. 

Pet hair Removal - from $65

We all love our pets but they sometimes leave hair on your vehicles interior that is tough to remove. at Mobile Detailers Inc, we have the tools and the expertise to get the job done.

Paint Correction - Please call

(Varies based on vehicle)Also known as swirl mark removal or machine polishing, paint correction is the reduction or removal of marks in the top layer of paint to produce a more refined finish.

Overspray Removal -Please Call

Paint overspray occurs when unwanted airborne particles adhere to your vehicles paint. Most experts would agree that using a clay bar process is the safest and most effective way to remove these contaminants. We implement a 5 part process in removing overspray.

*Fees are based on "average" conditions, therefore fees may vary based on size and condition of vehicle​​

GlassParency Glass Protection

What is GlassParency?


  ANS: It's a hydrophobic treatment for glass

GlassParency is an advanced, transparent glass treatment that forms a unique ultra hydrophobic barrier. The result is the ultimate in glass protection unmatched for performance and durability. 


  •  Reduces glare
  • Improves visibility in inclement weather
  • Protects against acid rain, corrosion & mineral build-up
  • Insects, bugs and road dirt effortlessly washes away.

3 Year Warranty


Every GlassParency automotive application is backed by a

3 year product warranty. This warranty ensures that the product will perform at its peak level as long as the glass is properly maintained.

The maintenance process is simple, but is recommend to be done by the Authorized Installer who applied the initial application.

We are certified & trained installers


GlassParency is the professional installer’s choice of glass coatings in today’s market. Unlike many wax-based or topical coatings, GlassParency is chemically engineered to react to silica within the glass, creating a bond unmatched by the competition. It’s product attributes go beyond just a water repellency, making it ideal for any silica-based surface, in any climate or environment.